Rosie’s birthday coffee morning

Rosie’s birthday coffee morning

UPDATE – we raised a fantastic £1,590 at Rosie’s birthday coffee morning!  Molly raised £74 from the toy sale alone.  Many thanks to everyone who donated and ate cake.


Once again, there will be a coffee morning in honour of Rosie’s birthday, full of cake, tea and happy memories of Rosie.

This year it will be on Saturday August 5 2017 , from 10am till 2pm, at Terry and Keith’s house, 29 Parc Letta, Heamoor.  Rosie's birthday coffee morningTerry is Rosie’s grandmother, and has run a coffee morning near her birthday for the last 3 years, raising over £1,000 every time.  That’s a LOT of cake!

This year, Terry’s other grandchildren have decided to collect unwanted toys and hold a toy sale, so please do bring your children, and their pocket money too!


Rosie’s birthday was August 8th, and the occasion is usually marked by her family and friends getting together.  She gets a rousing round of ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to her, and a family friend sings White Rose.

This is a famous Cornish song, if you’ve not heard it before, in memory of a young lady who has passed on, and promising to remember her always.

The chorus says:

I love the White Rose in its splendour
I love the White Rose in its bloom
I love the White Rose, so fair as she grows.
It’s the rose that reminds me of you.


Always, Rosie.