Penang Bridge marathon, Malaysia!

Penang Bridge marathon, Malaysia!

Liam Streat is a long-time friend of the Hoare family, currently working in Malaysia, who knew Lauren well, and is best mates with Scott, Lauren’s brother. Liam chose to run the Penang Bridge Marathon to raise money for LARF, in November 2015, and raised a creditable £815.

Liam Streat, with friends

Liam Streat, second from the left, with marathon running friends.

The Penang Bridge marathon is a gruelling full-length marathon, run at night, both ways across a section of the iconic Penang Bridge connecting Penang Island to the mainland, and taking in part of the coastal highway. Liam says the temperature was 25 degrees when he ran the race, but the killer was the humidity, at 80%!

Liam Streat Penang Bridge Marathon 2

Liam explains, “I ran the Penang bridge marathon, not because I wanted to, but because the one thing I really hate to do is run. I want to raise money for doing something that pains me and that was definitely it.” He wanted to support LARF, to raise money for the cause that Lauren’s family have set up, to support them, and honour his connection with Lauren. He says, “Lauren was an amazing young lady who I miss and think about every day. Even now she gets me through tough times and she certainly carried me across that bridge two years ago.”

Liam Streat Penang Bridge Marathon 3


He says his running friends take the mickey out of his 4 hour 28 minute time, but he’s pleased with it, and we’re impressed too! Plus, coming in 149th out of 10,000 runners is no mean feat. He was supposed to play in a cricket tournament the next day, but after only 3 hours sleep he woke up and discovered he could barely move, so decided sitting still, and rehydrating, were more important!

He won’t be running any more marathons, but there will be more fundraising from Liam in the future. He tells us to watch this space…